All feedback submitted is sent to an external, independent organisation. In order to attend to all feedback in a timely fashion, submissions regarding services, facilities or members of the community will be forwarded to relevant members of staff. Additionally, all feedback will be sent to an external facilitator who will collate such data so as to refine processes and provide transparency and analysis. Please be assured that all matters will be dealt with in strictest confidence.

Complaints may be lodged anonymously, if you wish to be kept updated with progress of your complaint, please provide your contact details below:

MyselfSomeone Else

A service providedA member of UC StaffA UC residentAnother issue - Please raise any maintenance items through the maintenance book in the College Office. Any urgent maintenance items can be raised with the Office Staff (during office hours) or Duty Staff (after hours).

Give details of what the complaint/compliment relates to, who is involved, when the issue of concern happened and/or how long this has been going on for, along with any other details that you may think are relevant.

YES – For MyselfYES – For anotherNo

This may include a summary of who you have spoken to already about the issue and how they responded.

Accepted file types: jpg, gif, png, pdf, docx, doc

Please provide a brief comment on what you would consider a satisfactory resolution of your complaint.


Information provided in lodging your complaint, including your statement above, may need to be divulged to persons with direct involvement. This may include information you have provided being sent to individuals who form the basis of your complaint for their response. If you have concerns about this occurring, please indicate and the complaints team will discuss the matter with you.